Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Assignment 4: Self Portraits

A: The photograph of me is just that… it’s a photograph of me standing in my room in Michigan; it doesn’t represent anything other then what I look like. The other image however symbolizes me; I’ve used a variety of images that all symbolize a part of who I am. The photograph of my face shows me in my present place (Michigan) but the other image shows where I am from originally (Vermont and New York). The second image also shows other parts of my past; although I’m a photographer now photography played a large role in my past as well as was hot air ballooning which is something I still enjoy doing.

B: Both of these images show who I am and parts of what makes me who I am.

C: I chose the symbols I did because they make up a lot of who I am. I’m from Vermont which is signified by the welcome sign, I’m also from New York symbolized by the NY welcome sign, I’m a photographer shown by my camera, I’m a farmer which is shown by the picture of my goat, Teddy, I like to read symbolized by a picture of a nook just like mine, I am also interested in hot air ballooning shown by the big balloon in the background photo. Some of the things shown are some of the things I’m passionate about. Other things are just a little glimpse into my background.

D: As far as the photograph of me goes, it could show how I’m a pretty introverted person since the photo was taken with no other people around and in my bedroom. It could also show that I’m not overly concerned about my appearance since I’m bumming around in a hoodie and don’t have much makeup on.

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